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Last updated: February 23, 1998

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From 1979 to 1987, I published 10 issues of the Butson Family Newsletter. Though a number of contributions to the newsletters came in, the cost of printing and mailing it finally became too great, and I was US$500 in debt. So I had to give it up. I have received a number of inquiries about the newsletter over the years, and so I am making the 10 issues available on the web.

This site is definitely under construction and will progress slowly. I am afraid it is a distant second priority behind the Dad's War historical work I am doing -- as well as other realities of life that significantly limit me. So I will be slowly scanning in the back issues and posting them here. Some day, I want to do an index of all the names and locations in these issues, since they cover Butsons and their descendants over several centuries and all around the world.

So what is here so far is what is here so far. It will all be here some day. I have kept the original text but modified the format, better to fit the web. I have included only the articles with genealogical and historical content. Thus articles on subscription policy and distribution of the newsletter and donations are omitted.

Here are the links and the stubs to the 10 issues. The featured countries are shown for each issue. However, every issue has at least something from most of the major Butson countries.
  1. Number 1 - Fall 1979: Canada and England
  2. Number 2 - Spring 1980: Canada
  3. Number 3 - Spring 1981: English Records; Butson Emigrants to Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand
  4. Number 4 - Fall 1981: Australia and New Zealand; Distribution of Butsons in Great Britain
  5. Number 5 - Fall 1982: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA
  6. Spring 1983: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA
  7. Fall 1983: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA
  8. Spring 1984: Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA
  9. Fall 1984: Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, USA
  10. Spring 1987: Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, USA, KEAM Column

I do not foresee putting together any more issues of the Butson Family Newsletter. I am looking for someone to take over the work. I have about 5 boxes of correspondence, photos and charts that people sent over the years. I can pass these on to someone who is willing to carry on the work of the newsletter for a long period. I can help you start out the next issue and consult on future issues, if you wish. The work involves sustaining and retaining a wide correspondence, keeping your files (forever) organized, as well as putting the newsletter itself together. I recommend making it a web-based newsletter, rather than a hardcopy publication, to keep down costs.
Please note the following regarding e-mail.
  1. This really is a low priority for me right now. So I may take quite a while to answer your e-mail. But someday, I will get around to it.
  2. I am NOT planning to publish another issue. If you are interested in taking over the work of the newsletter, please click here and let me know.
  3. Please include "Butson" in the subject of your note, since I am receiving e-mail on several different subjects, and this will help me to sort things out.
  4. Once you have read all of the above, please send comments to WWJohnston@aol.com.

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