Honora Louisa Madeline Norah BUTSON

  • B: Abt.1820
    Of Clonfert, Galway, Ireland

        Father: Rev. James Strange Butson (1777 Bath -1845 Dublin) Archdeacon of Clonfert
          Mother: Esther Eccles Sinclair      

  • MARRIAGE: 1836 To:
  • Richard Booth EYRE (Rev.) Rector of Eyrecourt, (Grandson of Richard EYRE (Capt.), Brother of Lord Eyre)


Jane MOORE (GGG Niece of Lord EYRE)

  • BAPTISM: 1862

Father: Butler Dunboyne MOORE of Shannon Grove
Mother: Nance EYRE

  • MARRIAGE: 29 Sept 1881 To:
  •  SINCLAIR EDWARD GOULD BUTSON (Master of the Blazers)
  •    Who's Father Was: Dean Butson
         Who's Mother was:
  • An interesting aside: Located in the  Huntington Museum of Art. The Museum, in the Western corner of West Virginia is a painting of Christopher Butson, Bishop of Clonfert (1804) by:
  • Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828) 
    Bishop Butson
    circa 1790
    oil on canvas
    Gift of George L. Bagby
    Gilbert Stuart was one of America's first great painters. A native of Rhode Island, he showed talent for drawing at an early age, and he became an apprentice to the Scottish painter Cosmo Alexander, with whom he journeyed to Scotland. Upon his return, Stuart established himself as a portrait painter in the Newport area. The rumblings of war, however, sent Stuart across the ocean again to London, where he received assistance, training and employment from the expatriate American Benjamin West. Stuart eventually was in great demand as a portraitist, but his extravagant lifestyle and mounting debts forced him to move in 1787 to Ireland. He received steady commissions for paintings, including this portrait, done in the fluid style that was a hallmark of Stuart's work, of Christopher Butson, who was elevated to the position of Bishop of Clonfert in 1804. Stuart generally preferred bust-length views, reserving full-length portraits for those of the highest stature.
    In 1792, again plagued by debt, Stuart sailed for the United States, where he rapidly established his reputation as a portrait painter. His likenesses of George Washington and many other notables of the young republic were held up as standards by which other painters of the day were measured.


Fashionable Garden Party in Birr .....
May 1897 extract from Midland Tribune Newspaper, Birr, Co Offaly Ireland.... Bickells on guest list....

On Saturday afternoon Mrs. T. Roberts Garvey gave a garden party at her residence, Oxmantown Mall, Birr. There was a full response to the invitations sent out, and a most enjoyable social evening was spent, the hostess being as usual on such occasions conspicious by her hospitable attentions to her guests. The latter included - Lord and Lady Huntingdon and the Misses Wilson, Lord and Lady Rosse, Lord Oxmantown and the Hon. Muriel Parsons, Mrs. Butson, Clonfert; Colonel and Mrs. W. E. Briggs, 2nd Hants; Colonel and Mrs. Ruttledge, Woodfield; Miss Waller, Shannon Grove; the Misses Eyre, Eyrecourt; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. McMahon, Chestnut Lodge and Miss Turner, Mrs. Henry Frend and Miss Frend, Miss and the Messrs. B. and Hubert A. Gairdner, Lisbeg; Captain Armstrong, Gallen Priory; Miss Sara Eyre, Miss Ellen Garvey, Thornvale; the Misses O'Farrell, Mrs Galbraith, Loughrea; Mr. White, Mr. and Miss Seymour, Mr. and Miss Golding, Derryormonde; Mr. Pollock, Mrs. Captain Burford-Handcock, the Misses Bicknell, Mr. Arthur Eyre, Mr. Waring, Mr. Legg, Leinster Regiment; Mr. Keatings, do; Mr. Mullais, Hant Regiment, etc. A pleasant feature of the evening was a hockey match in Birr Castle demesne between teams representing King's County and East Galway.



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