Here are words defining the Eyres/Ayres, by George Bucher Ayres, taken from the Pennsylvania Archives, Series Three:   

"This name, however it may [be] spelled -- Eyre, Ayre, Ayer, Ayres, etc., -- is derived from county Wiltshire, England.
Of its position, Sir Bernard Burke says: "The old Wilts family of Eyre enjoyed for several centuries the highest distinction
within its native county, and was of consideration in the State; most of its chiefs having had seats in Parliament, and two
of them learned in the law, upon the Bench -- one a Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

A branch, too, which emigrated to Ireland, attained the Peerage of the Kingdom."  The foregoing references include Sir William Ayre, who was one of fifty persons constituting the body guard of Henry VIII., and Sir Gervase Eyre, who was slain in defending Newark Castle, for Charles I.; the peerage is now extinct by failure of issue.

     The name was carried to Ireland by Col. John Eyre, an officer of the English army, sent by Cromwell, in 1649; and who, after the rebellion ended, was authorized to locate there on eight hundred acres, and his descendants still maintain "Eyrecourt Castle," in county Galway. From this the name reached the Ulster district."

From this point, the history related proceeds to Samuel Ayres (Eyre or Eyres), and his descendants and their history (Samuel emigrated to America about 1744, landing in Philadelphia].


A Short Account of the Eyres of EyreCourt, Eyerville and Co. Galway, Ireland (REV. ALLEN STEWART HARTIGAN, M.A., TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN.)

A Little Bit of Ireland - EyreCourt

John Eyre (Col)

BAPTISM: 22 Feb 1623, Brickworth, Wiltshire, England

DEATH: 22 Apr 1685, Church of Donanaught. (Ireland)

WILL: 13 Mar 1685


John EYRE (Member of Parliament)

BAPTISM: 1659, Clonfert, Galway, Ireland

DEATH: 1704



BAPTISM: 1677, Eyrecourt, Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland

DEATH: Oct 1745

WILL: 27 Sep 1743


Giles EYRE & Mary COX (MARRIAGE: 30 Dec 1717, Cork, Ireland

BAPTISM: 1697, Killaloe, Ireland

DEATH: 17 Jan 1750, Eyrecourt, Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland


LORD EYRE of Eyrecourt

  • BAPTISM: 1720, Cork, Ireland
  • DEATH: 30 Sep 1781, Eyrecourt, Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland

Father: Giles EYRE
Mother: Mary COX

Richard Cumberland describes Lord Eyre of Eyrecourt in the 1770s as "dividing the day to give the afternoon much the largest share of it. During which from an early dinner to the hour of rest he never left his chair nor did the claret ever quit the table. His lordship was not very curious. He had no books and not one of the windows of his castle was made to open, but luckily he had no liking for fresh air. For sport he would organise a cock fight in the hall. From supper till morning he would drink rum shrub to keep down the claret."


Richard EYRE (Capt.)

  • TITLE: Capt.
    BAPTISM: 1722, Cork, Ireland
  • DEATH: 31 Mar 1780, Eyrecourt, Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland
  • Father: Giles EYRE
    Mother: Mary COX
  • Begot:

            Giles EYRE (Col.)

  • TITLE: Col.
    BAPTISM: 19 Jul 1764, Eyrecourt, Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland
  • DEATH: 1830
  • Begot:

              John EYRE

  • BAPTISM: 15 May 1794, Eyrecourt, Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland
  • DEATH: 25 Feb 1856, Eyrecourt, Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland
  • Begot:

              Nance EYRE

BAPTISM: 1838, Eyrecourt, Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland

Father: John EYRE
Mother: Mary ARMIT

         Jane MOORE (GGG Niece  of Lord EYRE)

  • BAPTISM: 1862

Father: Butler Dunboyne MOORE
Mother: Nance (Nannie) EYRE (Nannie Eyre had a dr., Jane Moore, m. Sinclair Butson, Master of the Blazers, son of Dean Butson)


   Honora Louisa Madeline Norah BUTSON

  • BAPTISM: ?

        Father: Rev. James Strange Butson (1777 Bath -1845 Dublin) Archdeacon of Clonfert

MARRIAGE: 1836 To:

Richard Booth EYRE (Rev.) (Grandson of Richard EYRE (Capt.), Brother of Lord Eyre)

  • TITLE: Rev.
  • OCCUPATION: Rector of Eyrecourt
  • BAPTISM: 30 Oct 1798, Clonfert, Ireland

Father: Richard EYRE D.D.
Mother: Ann GORE
Family 1 : PERSSE


  1. Nannie EYRE


Family 2 : Honora Louisa Madeline Norah BUTSON

  • MARRIAGE: 1836
  • Begot:
  1. Frederick EYRE
  2. Hasting Augusta EYRE
  3. Florence Geraldine EYRE
  4. Nora Louisa EYRE
  5. Madeline Esther EYRE




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