Butson Family Newsletter
Issue Number 2
Spring 1980

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The first issue related that two Butson families, that of Solomon and that of Cecil, were the only ones known in Canada. Most of the details were on Solomon's family. Harold Butson, of Midland, Ontario, a son of Cecil has written to correct and augment the information on Cecil's family.

Generation 1: Nicholas Butson (1779-1844) and Ann (1781-1850) [WJ: Among my own records, I find a baptism of Nicholas, son of Nicholas and Susanna at St. Stephens in Brannel on 6 Dec 1779. They also had a daughter Jane on 26 Aug 1782.]

Generation 11: Joseph William Trudgeon Butson (1822-1887) and Elizabeth Ann (nee Chappell) (1822-1851)

Generation III: Nicholas Butson (1850-1928) and Mary Emma Soady (1855-1905)

Generation IV: Arthur Henry Cecil Butson (1878-1970) and Frances Hilda Lacy (1883-1962) [WJ: Based on my 29 May 1977 conversation with Barbara Butson Anderson of Renfrew, Ontario, this is apparently Cecil, the immigrant to Canada.]

Generation V: Roy Cecil Butson (1914-), Harold Butson (1917-), Vida May Butson (1920-), Ronald Henry Butson (1921-1922), Lloyd Percival Butson (1908-) (married Eva Banohill?), and Mona Butson (1910-) (married Bert 1911-1974)

According to Barbara Ann Butson Anderson, Cecil was born in Penzance, Cornwall and was apparently the only child of his parents to emigrate. She had thought his name was possibly Cecil William Butson but was not sure. She also thought his wife was Marie, who had also been born at Penzance. These were the basis of my first article, and she referred me to Harold Butson for better details.

She was knowledgeable, however, about her own parents. Generation V apparently also included Albert William Butson, who died 2 August 1972. He married Eva Bricker, who died 2 August 1972 (They died together in an auto accident.). Their four children comprise:

Generation VI: Gail Butson (married Whitman Haines), Bill Butson (married Lois Utronki), Barbara Ann Butson (married Norman Anderson of England), Richard Butson (married Barbara Currie)

Generation VII: Gail's children (Whitman, David, Elizabeth), Bill's children (Kim, Kathy, Michael), Barbara Ann's children (Melanie, Lee), Richard Butson's child (Rebecca)

I hope this has all been assembled correctly. Please let me know of errors. And please send more details.


Carol Oeppen of the Whitby, Ontario Public Library (1 Oct 1979) wrote to tell that Henry BUTSON had not been located in a search of her records.

Viola Hoskins and Golda Butson of Port Perry, Ontario (8 Oct 1979) sent a donation, a copy of an obituary, and a query: they would like news of a Bertha in the Robert BUTSON family; she married James ELLIS. As the article "Where Are They?" in this issue shows, I also need her current address.

John C. Bray of Carnforth, England (12 Oct 1979) wrote about his research on the KEAM family of Cornwall. (Jane KEAM, wife of Solomon BUTSON, was an immigrant to Canada.) No clear links were found, but the material was encouraging.

Robert Fuller of Windsor, Ontario (16 October 1979), historian of the "Barclays of Pickering", passed on a Butson item he found among his papers.

Isabel Gillren of Toronto (16 Oct 1979), a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society, sent a letter and an obit.

Harold Clythe Butson of Omemee, Ontario (17 Oct 1979), named for a Clythe Butson of North Dakota (There is a Clythe Butson in Baker, Oregon.), wrote to pass on some address changes and news of a death in the family.

June Butson Wannamaker of Oshawa, Ontario (24 Oct 1979) wrote to say she had married and had lost her husband in accident. She also gave her current address.

Mrs. Laura Phoebe Deakin of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (18 Nov 1979) wrote to send some photos and information on John BUTSON (son of Solomon and Jane), to send a donation, and to add a-name to our mailing list.

Mrs. Denton B. May of Mountaintop, Pennsylvania (9 Feb 1980), a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society, wrote to pass on some BUTSON census records she had come across by accident in 1950!! 30 years later they now help us.

Mrs. Sherry Sinclair of Dunchurch, Ontario (9 Jan 1980) sent a copy of a booklet distributed at the 1978 reunion of descendants of William BUTSON (son of Solomon) and some new addresses.

Malcolm Butson of Essex, England (Nov 1979) called while on a trip to the USA and added two names to our mailing list. He told of a recent Butson family moving to the U. S.

Harold Butson of Midland, Ontario (10 Mar 1980) sent a correction on the Cecil Butson line in Canada, as published in the last newsletter. See "The Past".

Lois Heddon of Oshawa, Ontario (9 Mar 1980) sent photos of the gravestone of Nicholas Butson and Anna Maria Burdge at Brooklin, Ontario. She also included a number of items of Butsonia, including an obituary.

The first issue was sent to addresses from several old lists. As a result, many copies came back, and I have not been able to find current addresses for them. Here are their last known addresses. Please write if you know their current one.

  • A. Butson; Stiles St.; Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Allen & Muriel Butson; Box 204; Agincourt, Ontario
  • C. Butson; 3-6-1237 Huron; London, Ontario
  • Cecil J. Butson; Ottawa, Ontario
  • Doug, Tish, Stephen Butson; 228 Ave. Park Dr; Burlington, Ont.
  • Jim Butson; 9 Bonacres; West Hill, Ontario
  • Jack & Carrie Butson; 105 Garside S.; Hamilton, Ontario
  • John Robert Butson; 225 Uxbridge Road; Stephens Bush; London, Eng.
  • Lawrence Butson; 74 Cathcart St; Woodstock, Ontario
  • M. Butson; 858 Riverside Dr; London, Ontario
  • Evan & Verna Allan; Elliot Lake, Ontario
  • Ethel Armit; 213 Cathcart St; Sarnia, Ontario
  • Emma G. Cunnea; 14700 S. Hamlin; Chicago, Illinois
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Ellis; 38 Orley Ave.; Toronto, Ontario
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ross Fox; 407 Wellesley; Toronto, Ontario
  • Lloyd Gilbert; RR 3; Ilderton, Ontario
  • Beverly Hoerntlene; 2108 Third; La Grande, Oregon
  • Donald Hoerntlene; 7900 Rainier Ave; Seattle, Washington
  • Percy J. Mitchell; Hines Creek, Alberta
  • Mr. & Mrs. F. S. Mc Nee; Oyne, Alberta
  • Elizabeth Butson Norris; Brooklin, Ontario
  • Mrs. Laura Ogden; Granton, Ontario
  • Mrs. Stanley Scott; Minster, Saskatchewan
  • Emil Bruce Smith; North York, Ontario
  • Wayne Simpson; Blind River, Ontprio
  • Mr. & Mrs. Don Wilson; Kitchener, Ontario
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ed Charlton; 230 Burwell; London, Ontario
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Curtin; Streetsville, Ontario
  • Mr. & Mrs. Howe; 230 Elmer Park; Orillia, Ontario
  • Mrs. Gordon Shaddick; 120 Arundell St; London, Ontario
  • S. Butson; 423 Yonge Street; Toronto, Ontario
  • A. Butson; 67 Petman Avenue; Toronto, Ontario
  • D. Butson; 413 Carlton Street; Toronto, Ontario

  • Mrs. Harry Cumberland of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan has died. I believe she is Rodella Minnie Butson, oldest daughter of John Edward Butson, son of James Butson, son of Solomon Butson and Jane Keam, immigrants to Canada from Cornwall. No details are known of the circumstances.
  • Kenneth Roger Butson died 9 August 1979 in Toronto. He was the son of Fred Butson, but otherwise I am not sure of his ancestors. Descendant names are MEEHAN, TAYLOR, & BUTSON.
  • Arthur Edward Butson died about July 1, 1978 in Ontario. He was the son of Herbert Butson, son of Richard Butson, who may have been the Richard, son of Nicholas, son of Solomon shown in my records. [See correction in issue 4.]
  • Frederick W. Butson died October 12, 1979 at Sunnybrook Medical Centre in Toronto. Husband of Pearl Peeler, father of Ron, Ken, and Betty (Mrs. R. Ridsdill).

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