Wesley Johnston, has given me the opportunity of continuing his extensive research of the Butson family name for which he labored for over 20 years.  (Archives of Butson Family Newsletter - By Wesley Johnson) 

Using all the power of the Internet and all the Butson netizens out there.....maybe, together, we can crack this case and finally track down not only the origin of Ensign Butson, Revolutionary Soldier Wheelas Butson, Solomon, Cecil and the Canadian Butsons but the source of each country's Butsons and ultimately nail down the origin of our "rare" name.

As the days go by, I will endeavor to upload data to this site that I have received from Wesley Johnston's Butson Newsletters, email, personal research and other information I have on the Australian, New Zealand, South African, Hungarian, U.S. and British Butson lineage.  So....check back often and stay in touch.

For a large surname list of Australian "Butsons" go here

More Australian Butson ancestors


Candidate for earliest, recorded, Canadian (Loyalist) Butson:

Excerpt from: "THE QUINTE LOYALISTS 0F 1784." By P. H. BRYCE, M.A., M.D. (This information was originally published by: ONTARIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY Papers and Records Volume 27, Published in Toronto in 1931 Pages 5-14. )

"Perhaps the most interesting lists are those of the men who enlisted early in 1776 and 1777 in the Lake Champlain and Upper Hudson campaigns. The first is Capt. Edward Jessup's Corps of Loyal American Rangers, enlisted Nov. 4, 1776, recruited by John Buel, Sergt. and Martin Kelly, corporal (both old soldiers) and enlisted for 82 days."  G. T. Butson, Ensign. (one on list)

Sex:  M
Spouse:  Jemima UDALE
Marriage:  5 Jan 1726
First Church, Huntington, Suffolk, New York

Please email me at (bnethost*@butson.net (remove asterisk)) to leave a note, ask a question or give information on or about we Butson peoples.  Upon visiting the "Vintage Forums", if you read anything you feel you may like to add to, or maybe a problem or request you can help with....or a great link to Butson "stuff"....please send me an email and I will publish it and a response so we may all read it and profit from each other's knowledge.

Any comments or suggestions you may have for this site and our endeavors, may be sent to the above email address, also.

Oh yes, ....who am I?  I'm D. W. Butson, (1942 - ), s Raymond Adams (1905-1990) &  Florence Lillian (Barrett) (1911-1990) Butson, s George (1863-1946) and Mary (McGirr) (1870-1957)  Butson, s William (1823-1900) & Susan (Adams) (1830-1908) Butson, s Solomon (1796-1863) & Joan Keam/Jane Kame (1796-1874) Butson (gravestone), s John (1756-1830) and Elizabeth (Rickard) (ABT 1768-?) Butson, s John (ABT 1719-17??) and Jane (Billing) (ABT 1723-17??) Butson, s Nicholas (1692-17??) and Honour (169?-17??), s Nicholas (1670-17??) and Phillippa (Bennett) (1665-17??).

Pedigree For:          
  William Butson 
Raymond Adams Butson (Father)    
George Henry Butson 
  Susan Adams 
Raymond Adams Butson  b - 01/14/05 -     d - 06/05/1990




  James McGirr 
  Mary McGirr 
  Mary Jane Van Meer

 Spouse & Children*  Siblings*
Florence Barrett Mother died in 1990 in Calif.)
 - Kenneth G R Butson d 2003
 - Marilynn B Butson d 1990
 - Carl Phillip H Butson
 - David William Butson
 - Mary E L Butson
Theresa (Doris)
Milton Adams Butson
Gladys Irene Butson
Muriel May Butson
Milford George Butson - (Picture)
Olive Edna Butson
Carson Albert Butson
Nellie Christina Butson
Mary Alma Butson
Willie Butson
Verna Violet Butson
* Spouse, children and siblings of Raymond Adams Butson


By the way....there is no charge for anything on this site, no commercials, banners, aggravating ads or hidden agendas.  

This website is a non-profit endeavor to assist, as best we can, in furthering the initial work of Wesley Johnston.  We hope it will help bring Butson descendants together in one forum, with a common goal of creating complete, historically accurate, and lasting genealogical records for our children and grandchildren.   

I hope you will join me in this search for and review of our ancestral past.  

Last, but not least....many thanks and warm regards to Mr. Wesley Johnston for the great work he has done on "The Butson Family Newsletter" (1979 - 1998) and all he has done to further our knowledge and to bring the World - Wide Butson family together.

 Question of the week!    Is this the earliest recorded marriage of a Butson in Australia?:

Sex:  M
Spouse:  Grace Martin BERRIMAN
Marriage:  13 Dec 1862
Moonta Mines, South Australia, Australia

Early Butson Baptisms: Britain

Skilgate, Somerset "St John the Baptist" Parish Registers

Surname    Given        Baptism         Father      Mother

BUTSON William 18 Apr 1784 William Mary
BUTSON Thomas 15 Oct 1786 William Mary
BUTSON Betty 25 Dec 1788 William Mary
BUTSON William 06 Mar 1791 William Mary
BUTSON Robert 26 Jan 1794 William Mary
BUTSON Joseph 05 Feb 1797 William Mary
BUTSON Mary 10 Nov 1799 William Mary
BUTSON Elizabeth 05 Sep 1802 William Mary

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