The Canadian Connection?

CORNWALL, ENGLAND, 10 NOV 1796.......

Solomon BUTSON 


Birth:  10 Nov 1796 (1796:America had been Independent only 20 years; John Adams replaces George Washington as President of U.S. who lives only 2 years; Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine de Beauharnais; 1st Independence Day celebration is held; U.S. State Department issues 1st American passport; Cleveland, Ohio, founded by Gen Moses Cleveland.)
Cornwall, , England (1796: Spain declares war on England; Catherine the Great dies; Poet Rob't Burns dies; George III was King of England)
Christening:  10 Nov 1796
Saint Stephen In Brannel, Cornwall, England
Death:  23 Apr 1863 (1863: American Civil War would not be over for 2 Years, Lincoln was President;) Emancipation Proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln; President Jeff Davis delivers his "State of Confederacy"; Thomas Crapper pioneers one-piece pedestal flushing toilets; Samuel Clemens becomes Mark Twain for 1st time; 1st Army Medal of Honor awarded; Mexico City captured by French troops; Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Lee's northward advance halted; Football Association forms in England, standardizing soccer; Queen Victoria reigned in England.)

Whitby, Columbus, Ontario, Canada
Burial:  26 Apr 1863 (gravestone) (Name misspelled Solomen)
St. Paul Anglican Cemetery., Whitby Twp., Ontario, Canada

Father:  John BUTSON 
Mother:  Elizabeth Rickard

Spouse:  Jane Keam  b 1796 

Died Apr 28 1874 (gravestone) (Name misspelled Kame) (1874: Jesse James gang robs train at Gads Hill, Missouri;  King David Kalakaua of Sandwich Is Hawaii, is 1st king to visit U.S.;  Benjamin Disraeli replaces William Gladstone as English premier;  Levi Strauss markets blue jeans with copper rivets, price $13.50 doz.; 1st admission charge at a football game, Harvard beats McGill University of Canada 3-0; Queen Victoria still reigned in England.)


Marriage:  15 Feb 1817
Saint Blazey, Cornwall, England



"When I this little Record see,

I think how happy it would be

 If Pa and Ma should live to say

 Our children walk in wisdoms way.

 And when the parting stroke is come

 And they and we are called home.

 May we all meet in heaven above

 And sing redeeming grace and love."

When nine-year-old Mary A. Richards (1814 to 1873) of Jaffrey, New Hampshire embroidered this little ditty on her "Sampler" it was just a preface to her also embroidering her family record as below:

"Mr. Luther A. Richards born sept. 26 1785/

Miss Mary Page born/June 8 1794/

Luther Richards & Mary Page married July 5 1813/

Mary Adeline born Jan 1 1814/

Roderick Streat born June 22 1815/

Abijah born APril 10 Died APril 18/1817/

Luther Abijah born APril 12 1818/

Sarah Ann born June 15/1820/

Amanda born August 7 1822/

Harriet born Oct 1 1824/

Huldah Hopkins born April 13 1825/"

With this site, I hope we can "embroider" the Butson family name in an equally enduring way.

To begin...., some background.  
Early on, although mostly found in England, curiously, the Butson name also connects with a very interesting Eyre's (Ayer's) family name in the 1800's, in Ireland, County Galway....through marriage, not once, but, twice:



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