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Filumalia Butson (I am married to Samuel Butson of New Zealand)

I am very happy to join the Butson family tree au. My name is Filumalia, I am 100% Tongan, I hope I really do fit in with the Butson family tree.

Nathan Butson

To the best of my knowledge there is only one Butson family in Australia. Possibly from Cornwall circa 1826. Interestingly Catholic (your Irish connection again?)

Michael Butson

I was born in 1953 in the suburb of Richmond, city of Melbourne, state of Victoria, Australia. I have never had contact with any Butsons other than my father and half-sister and half-brother. I do know that my paternal grandfather came from a small coutry town called Yackandandah in North Eastern Victoria, Australia

Robin Lynne Twemlow nee Butson

Am interested in the religious history of the Butsons. Also have written a children's story which I sell. Entitled Danas New Shoes. A story for little girls.

Mikaela Whitehouse

David, I was browsing just out of curiousity tonight and much to my delight, saw your message dated 27 Jan 2000. The last couple of lines under the heading of Australia and New Zealand you wrote John and Grace (Berriman) BUTSON, from Cornwall about 1860. In actual fact, JOHN BUTSON JNR b. 17 June 1832 St. Agnes, Cornwall married GRACE MARTINS BERRIMAN b. 18 May 1840 Towednack, Cornwall. They married 13 Dec 1862, Moonta Mines, South Australia. JOHN and GRACE had 9 children. JOHN JNR d. 15 Feb 1910 in Moonta, South Australia and GRACE d. 16 Jan 1930 in adelaide, South Australia. Father of JOHN JNR was also named JOHN BUTSON SNR and was married to an ELIZABETH TYZZER. GRACE MARTINS BERRIMAN parents were JOHN BERRIMAN and JANE MARTINS who married about 1829 in Corwall, Engalnd. Together they had 8 children and both JOHN and JANE BERRIMAN died in Moonta, South Australia. JOHN and GRACE were my ggg grandparents on my mother's side. Would love to know more information if you have any - I have all the information from JOHN and GRACE to my family. Also would love to hear from any relatives that I may have that you know of and I don't.  Thanking you in advance

Robyn Butson.

Hi, I am Robyn Butson, Victoria. I have only just started accessing the internet and finding the Butson sites extremely interested. My father is Clyde Gerard Butson, his father was Clyde Marshall Butson, who went to school in Yackandandah. I would love to hear from other Butsons and find out more about my family history etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Bryan James Butson

Retired Captain. Australian Army Catering Corps. Doing the irresponsible thing and run away to sea with my wife of 36years Gleewyn Joy (nee Kruger) for past 5yrs with no plans of returning to shore long term. Sailing the south pacific on a regular basis. Our Email is via HF radio link and cannot receive photos or attachments. Plan to sail to Thailand next year. Love to hear from long lost relatives.


Murray Allan Butson

I am the son (born 1943)of Charles Allan Butson & Muriel Irene Peters of Toronto. My father was one of five children, three sons (Charles (Al), Thomas (Bud) & Harold,) two daughters (Isabelle (Break) & Evelyn (Cowan), of Charles Henry Butson & Alice Drynan, both of Toronto. I recall attending a Butson family reunion at Stratford Ontario in the mid-to-late fifties.

Phil Jones

My Mother-in-Law Elsie Lester (ni Butson) emigrated to Canada after WWII. The Butsons I am looking for came from around Tiverton Devon, England. I am glad to see that you have taken over the original web

John Verreault

My maternal grandfather was Lloyd Percy Butson, Cecil's eldest son (mentioned as the second Canadian family connection).  My mother is his oldest daughter Doreen Vida Butson.

Joseph Ronald Butson

I was very pleased to stumble on . I had seen the family newsletter years ago and I have searched the net frequently in quest of more family details. While I currently reside in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), I've lived in Whitby, Ontario about 10 miles from the cemetery where Solomon and Jane Keam were buried in 1863. I am fairly sure I am kin of Solomon Butson of Cornwall, England as discussed within this site.  My father was born in Stratford, Ontario and his father was born on a farm near Staffa, Ontario (north and west of Stratford.

Ian Mitchell

I was doing some research up in Lindsay this afternoon, and I stumbled across the following: The first item comes from the 1861 Census for Ops Township, Victoria County (the town of Lindsay is just about in the centre of this township if you want to locate it on a map): Henry Butson farmer b England emigrated 1852 Wesleyan Methodist age 29 Sarah Butson b Canada " " 26 Mary Jane 7 Emily 6 Susana 2 The children, of course, where all born in Canada, and shared the same religious affiliation as their parents. The second items come from the Wesleyan Methodist baptismal registers: Butson Susannah res Ops Twp parents Henry and Sarah b 29 Aug 1859 Ops Twp bp 10 Npv 1862 Ops Twp Butson Sarah res Ops Twp parents Henry and Sarah b 2 Jul 1861 Ops Twp bp 10 Nov 1862 Ops Twp So there you have it: not only were there two more girls than previously known about, but Sarah was still living in 1861. Perhaps she died following the birth of Sarah (who, however, obviously lived for at least a year after her birth). This also affects the previously held idea (in my family, at least) that Mary (Wilson) Irwin returned to Reach Township after her husband William's death, and met Henry there; it is now quite possible that she met him in Victoria County and simply returned to Reach Township for the wedding as both parties had family there.

Jim and Sandra Butson

Another BUTSON to be heard from. I'm Jim, son of Otto, Grandson of John and Emmily (McConnell). Dad was adopted as an infant around 1898. He was born in N. Dak.USA birthname was Pelkington. John and Emmily (both born in Ontatrio) were homesteading in Sask. and are listed in the 1906 District of McKenzie census as well as a David Butson with his wife Hannah and daughter Effie.I wonder if they were brothers? John, Emmily and my mom and dad moved to Meaford about 1921.Mom and Dad married in Sask.1920. This is a great site. Hope to hear from some other Butsons

Jim and Sandra Butson

Want to wish all you Butson's and descendants out there a Happy Holiday Season and all the best in 2006.




Cathy Butson

I am married to Stephen Paul Butson - Born 30 10 1960 in Hockley, Essex, England - son of John Ernest Butson - born 6th June (age about 73/74) - as far as I know they have never met other Butsons' accidentally. I have tried to keep the name going by producing 3 Butson boys - Bill, Jack and James - so hopefully when they are older there may be a few more Butsons around

Jeremy Butson

Hi, just thought I'd check in as I was surprised to find .  I come from a line of Butsons presently in London but which I have traced back to 1790 in the Crediton area of Devon. My line have been variously wheelwrights, carpenters, cabinet makers, gas fitters and builders merchants. One day I will write up my research. I had to give up the research due to time constraints as I could not get further back than the birth of John Butson in the 1790s. Until then i'd be happy to hear from any Butsons who wish to know more.

Warren son of Graham Butson, son of Percy Butson

It would be great to know where all these Butson's are scattered specifically in each country, are they in concentrated areas or all over? My dad had two brothers, and apart from their children there don't seem to be any other Butsons in London/Surrey, so it was a great surprise to see all these Butson names on the internet, Butson Boats indeed! Keep up the good work, I do know my uncle brian has done a fair amount of research on the family name in England (I think he's mentioned in the old newsletters. One thing annoys me most and that is the fact that because it's such an unusual name people always mis-spell it or mis-pronounce it, I've been Bulson, Buxton, Buxom! and even Bietso, it drives me mad. It would be good to hear others feelings about having such an unusual name.

Cathy Butson

Hi my husband is son of John Ernest Butson born 1927 - he is son of Ernest James Butson b 1883 & Katherine Golding b 1884 EJB is son of James Lendon Butson b 1850 & Isabella Marr b 1845 JLB is son of William Butson b 1823 & Susan Lendon b 1830 A great Butson website - some really interesting stuff - we know very little about our Butson Family - and I think it is good to get as much information as possible for our children - if anyone knows anything about this Butson line it would be great to hear from you - have had previous very good information from Phil son in law of Elsie Butson in Canada

Warren, son of Graham who was son of Percy

Hands up how many of you get correspondence where the surname has been misspelled! There certainly seem to be a lot more Butson's out there than I originally thought although most seem to be from Aus and NZ or USA. Glad to see this site is active again after so long well done Dave for your hard work.



Sean Kenny

I am originally from Co. Galway. Part of a farm now owned by my cousin at Sheepwalk, Clontuskert, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway is known as "Butson's Field". This is only time I have heard of name Butson.

James Kenny

I have been doing some desk research on the Butson's of Clonfert and have compiled quite an amount of history on that family and also the Eyre's of Eyrecourt. My reasons were to try and establish the authorship of a painting which my Grandfather acquired when he purchased Curraghavarna House in Banagher Co. Offaly Ireland from the Church of Ireland in the 1930's. This house was previously occupied by Jane Moore the wife of Sinclair Edward Gould Butson (1854-1890) when she moved there with her daughter Helina Alice Butson from Clonfert after the death of her father in law the Rev. Christopher H. G. Butson (1818-1892)Rural dean of Aughrim. The painting is an oil on canvas version of "The Rest on the flight into Egypt" in the style of Barocci. In my research, I discovered that a portrait of Rev. Christopher Butson (1749-1836), Bishop of Clonfert and Killaloe painted by Gilbert Stuart, who resided in Dublin between 1787 and 1793, now hangs in the permanent collection of the Huntington Museum of Art, USA having been donated by Mr. George Bagby, the painting was auctioned at the Parke-Bernet Galleries on the 6/7th Dec. 1939 as part of the Mrs. Cornelius Sullivan (Mary) collection. Bishop Christopher Butson(1749-1836)was Grandfather of Rev. Christopher H. G. Butson (1818-1892) who was married to Helena Eyre Maunsell and begot three children. One of whom was Capt Strange Gould Butson, 9th Lancers K.I.A. Kabul 1878. Hope this is of interest to you, I will continue with my research which has taken me on a wonderful journey from Barocci back in 1563 to the present day. If there is any help out there from the Butson's or Eyre's regarding my painting I would be very grateful. Kind regards from the Emerald isle


Linda Dunn Tillotson

Looking for descendants of Nicholas Butson & Susannah Trudgian who were married in St Stephen in Brannel, Cornwall, Eng. Some descendants went to Ontario, Canada but they are not of the Solomon Butson/Joan Keam line but if we go back far enough I believe our lines join up eventually.

Jackie Butson

I am a butson. people make fun of my name. My name is Jackie Butson. I would really like to hear from you please send to USA Postal. Jackie Butson 207 south ave. Edgerton Wisconsin. 53534 rock county hope you contact soon!

Steve Kelsey

Descendants of Robert Butson and Louisa Burrows (Berrows)

1. Robert1 Butson [71649]. He married on 7 May 1857 in Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England Louisa Burrows [4671], christened 20 Apr 1836 in Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England, daughter of William Berrow [3842] and Sarah Parsons [4670] .

Notes for Robert Butson 1. 1881 census 11 Northumberland Place, Paddington, London, Middlesex, FHL#1341003 folio 132 page 58 Louisa Harris head dressmaker mar age 41 Malvern, Worcs Walter Butson son clerk unemployed unmar age 19 London, Mdsx Florence Butson daur scholar unmar age 15 Bookham, Surrey,Engl Ethel Butson daur scholar age 7 London, Mdsx Jane Edwards lodger widow age 60 Wick, Worcester Fred Edwards lodger railway clerk unmar age 26 Aberschuaan, Monmouth 2. Great Malvern parish register FHL #546148 mar 7 May 1857 Robert Butson age 27 bachelor, servant St. Georges Hanover Square London son of John Butson and Louisa Burrow age 21 spins, daughter of William Burrow; witnesses William Burrow and Mary Ann Burrow

Notes for Louisa Burrows . 1881 census 11 Northumberland Place, Paddington, London, Middlesex, FHL#1341003 folio 132 page 58 Louisa Harris head dressmaker mar age 41 Malvern,Worcs Walter Butson son clerk unemployed unmar age 19 London, Mdsx Florence Butson daur scholar unmar age 15 Bookham, Surrey, Engl Ethel Butson daur scholar age 7 London, Mdsx Jane Edwards lodger widow age 60 Wick,Worcester Fred Edwards lodger railway clerk unmar age 26 Aberschuaan, Monmouth 2. Great Malvern parish register FHL #546148 mar 7 May 1857 Robert Butson age 27 bachelor, servant St. Georges Hanover Square London son of John Butson and Louisa Burrow age 21 spins, daughter of William Burrow; witnesses William Burrow and Mary Ann Burrow

Children of Robert Butson and Louisa Burrows were as follows: 2 i Walter2 Butson [71855], born 1862 in London, Middlesex, England. 3 ii Allan Ernest2 Butson [71839], christened 13 Nov 1864 in Great Bookham, Surrey, England. 4 iii Florence Edith May2 Butson [71838], christened 26 Aug 1866 in Great Bookham, Surrey, England. 5 iv Ethel Emma Minne Louise2 Butson [71853], christened 25 May 1873 in All Souls, Saint Marylebone, London, Middlesex, England. Please contact me if you know anything further re: descendants.

Kimberly M. Butson

looking for any info on earl legand butson. father's name may have been joseph butson. earl was married to francas c beebe they have 5 sons earl jr, marvin, fred, billy, jerry


Frederick Joseph Butson Sr.

born to frederick buel butson who's mother was frances bee bee divorced from grandfather butson

I have been trying to get info on family history forever. please forward anything u may find. my grandmother/mother to my father frederick buel butson. lived alot of her life in trenton mich. that's where we I grew up, and alot of my relatives live now.


Sandy Hendricks (Butson)

I have been trying to find information on my great grandfather, Samuel Butson born in Bolton, Lancaster Country England, Maria was his wife's name. I found where he died 11-24-1940 at 83 years of age --- So my great grandfather would of been born around 1857- I know he was born and I believed married in England and then came over to the US as a young man- and went straight to The Oregon Territory and settled in Tacoma working on the railroad -- I found out he was married in 1875 or 1879 in Bolton ? my grandfather their son was George Wm. Butson born in Tacoma,  Wa.  in 6-9-1891, then settled in Portland Oregon where my family resides. If you can give me any insight of were to start looking again - I could never get back any further

Maureen Murray Webb

I am interested in linking to anyone with information about Butzen families from Reil Germany. I am related to and have information on Butzens from this area as far back as the mid-1600's in Germany, some descendants are still in Reil and other parts of Germany, Illinois and Wisconsin. Please contact me if you can find any possible connections,

Theresa Marie Stangel-Liva

Hi! I'm Terri a/k/a Theresa Marie Stangel-Liva d Margaret Ann Cunnea Stangel d Emma Gertrude Cunnea d George H. Johnston s Emma Butson d Henry s Solomon and Jane. I've recently discovered the research Wesley put on the web and I'm so grateful that you are carrying on David! My mom (and maybe an aunt) has some very old photographs from the Johnston/Butson side that I hope to check out over Christmas. I know that most aren't labeled but here's hoping! I'll be in touch... Thanks!!!

Adam Butson s of David, s of Raymond, s of George, s of William, s of Solomon

It's nice to know that there are so many more Butsons out there in the world. You all know how I feel as a 12 yr old Butson.

My maiden name is Becky Butson

I have traced back to a Harry Butson born in England in 1863, who immigrated to the U.S. in around 1883. Am looking for any info about where he might have come from.

Wesley Johnston
Descendant of Solomon & Jane (Keam) Butson vis son Henry - St. Blazey, Cornwall to Columbus, Ontario

I have posted a new web page "From Cornwall to Canada in 1841".   It is a page built upon the 1903 account of the same name. While the account makes no direct mention of Butsons, it seems very likely to be highly relevant to the journey that Solomon and Jane (Keam) Butson and their children took from Cornwall to Canada -- possibly on the same voyage, since their eldest child Mary Keam Butson married 21 July 1841 in Ontario. The people who came seem to have been from the St. Blazey area of Cornwall, so that we are probably related to many of the people who came on these voyages, -- both through inter-marriage in Canada after arrival and through inter-marriage in Cornwall prior to departure.

Deborah, granddaughter to Laura Mae (Butson) Harvey

My grandmother was born on St. Joseph Island, Canada. She married John Harvey and lived in Detroit. She had 3 daughters- Phoebee, Fanny, and Sylvia. I am Sylvia's daughter - Deborah Interested in connecting. We use to attend Butson family reunions in Canada...after Mom's death we lost contact.

Russ Butson

I'm Russ Butson. Brother is Bill Jr. We are sons of Bill and Isabel (Isabelle actually, she never liked the extra "le") Butson. Bill was from Kelly Lake-Hibbing, Minnesota. Was a Chicago firefighter (heck, fireman, that's how we always knew it!). Both died Aug 21, 1975. Brother was Tom, school system psychologist in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Sister was Joyce of various places in California and Arizona. Once dated Benson Fong, one of the actors playing the sons in Charlie Chan movies. Grandparents were Bill and Bertha Butson, both I believe were from Park Rapids, Minnesota. Grandpa Bill's brother was Jack Butson, wife was Isabel. Funny to have two Isabels in the same family, neither related to family by blood! Died in California around 1976. Interested in finding out if Butson family originally came from Bautzen, in Germany. Also interested in any other history anyone can provide. Unfortunately, that's all I know. Thanks!

Miranda Butson

Interesting site! I'm in the US Air Force myself. My family's from a small town in northern New Hampshire (US) where my great-grandfather, Charles A. Butson settled & was a butcher. The family later ran a small regional chain of supermarkets with the Butson family name.

A. P. Butson

I am the son of Billy and Shirley Butson. I was hoping that some could help with my Butson family blood line. My relatives aren't much help. My grandfather is deceased (1957)? Possibly died while living in Illinois. I was told that he possibly worked for General Motors and owned auto dealerships. I have an Uncle Earl in Missouri. Other uncles are Marv, Fred and Jerry all of Michigan.


My family comes from Butsons that lived in St Agnes parish Cornwall, England. Thomas Butson married Mary Greenway there in 1857. Some of their children were Isaac, bapt. 27 Dec 1857, Thomas Henry, bapt. 3 July 1864, and then four more who were all baptized together on 4 May 1871 at various ages, James Henry, Alberta Ann, Susan Ann, and Clara. The parents both died in 1857, and at least the daughters were taken in by other families. I don't know where the older children (boys) went. I descend from Alberta Ann Butson, who moved to California in 1904.

I've recently visited your Butson Family site again. I'm sorry the old bulletin board got corrupted, but the new system looks nice. I'll attach to this message a .jpg scan I made of another researcher's work to do with the Butsons of St Agnes parish in Cornwall. There was a tin mine called Butson Wheal in St Agnes as well. There were other Butson family lines in St Agnes that don't even connect directly to this large group, so you know there were alot of them there! These families were specifically found at Cross Coombe and Trevellas Downs, neighboring portions of St Agnes parish proper. Let me know if you have any trouble reading this information. I descend from Alberta Ann, baptized in 1871

By the way, the Johnston newsletter covering St Agnes Butsons asked about the early Cross Coombe family (misspelled as Crofts in his text). The chart I sent to you clarifies his old question: It was John Butson married to Elizabeth Tyzzer. This John was the son of Isaac Butson and Mary Martyn of St Agnes.




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