Re: I'm Russ Butson. Brother is Bill Jr.

From: Dave Butson
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Date: 13 Feb 2006
Time: 08:14:28 -0500


Hi Russ: If you go here: ( are a few different ideas on the source of the Butson name and if you go here: ( you will see that some early 1800's immigrants came from Germany, (a lot named "Butzen, Butzein, Butzon, Butzin), Switzerland, Belgium (Budson) and Russia. Interestingly, all the "Buttson's" were an African American family living in Delaware. So far, it is a great mystery on the origin of the B u t s o n spelled name. It does seem that the English form of the name is most always BUTSON. This whole search for the origin makes for a great mystery hunt and a very interesting trail of ancestors keep popping up. We will stay on it until we solve the puzzle, ...we hope. Regards, Dave

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