I'm Russ Butson. Brother is Bill Jr.

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Date: 13 Feb 2006
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We are sons of Bill and Isabel (Isabelle actually, she never liked the extra "le") Butson. Bill was from Kelly Lake-Hibbing, Minnesota. Was a Chicago firefighter (heck, fireman, that's how we always knew it!). Both died Aug 21, 1975. Brother was Tom, school system psychologist in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Sister was Joyce of various places in California and Arizona. Once dated Benson Fong, one of the actors playing the sons in Charlie Chan movies. Grandparents were Bill and Bertha Butson, both I believe were from Park Rapids, Minnesota. Grampa Bill's brother was Jack Butson, wife was Isabel. Funny to have two Isabels in the same family, neither related to family by blood! Died in California around 1976. Interested in finding out if Butson family originally came from Bautzen, in Germany. Also interested in any other history anyone can provide. Unfortunately, that's all I know. Thanks!

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