Bulson, Buxton, Buxom! and even Bietso - Warren son of Graham Butson, son of Percy Butson

From: Dave Butson
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Date: 10 Feb 2006
Time: 02:56:39 -0500


Warren says he gets tired of having his name mispronounced or misspelled. My sons and I agree. We've heard all the above and then Budson, Battson, Buteson, Boosun, Buttso, Buckson, Bateson, Boeson, Bukson, and Butsonni. My sons have gone so far as to drop their last name and use their middle name as a last. Since I was an Ontario, Canada kid, I even tried passing myself off as French Canadian..Butson, pronounced "BOO-Saau". It's hilarious now but when just a pup it was a matter of survival, I thought, because I got real tired of being called "Butt Boy", "Butt-Man", "Butts", "Butt-Guy", and the unkindest of all.."Butt-hole". The latter being cause for many a schoolyard tussle. I could never count with a scientific calculator how many times I have spelled out my name to people I have been introduced to or made aquaintance with.....and they still said rather hesitantly.."what did you say your name was?" I would always reply.."Just call me Dave". I know there are some great stories out there. Won't you all share them with us? Come on..it will be cathartic for you.:o)

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