Butson family near London

From: Stephen J. Kelsey
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Date: 30 Jan 2006
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Comments: Can anyone add to this descendant chart of does anyone know any more of these people? If so please contact me. My web site is www.geocities.com/sjkelsey2000. Look under the Berrow family Descendants of Robert Butson Page 1 29 Jan 2006 1. Robert Butson (b.1830-Shobrook,Devonshire,England) sp: Louisa Berrow (c.20 Apr 1836-Great Malvern,Worcestershire,England;m.7 May 1857) 2. Arthur Alexander Butson (b.1858-Saint George Hanover Square,London,Middlesex,England) sp: Halier (b.1851-Toewaters?,Hertfordshire,England;m.Dec Qtr 1880) 3. Bernard Butson (b.1881-Baywater,London,Middlesex,England) 3. Violet Winifred Butson (b.Dec Qtr 1884-Eaton Square,London,Middlesex,England) 3. Cecil Walter Butson (b.Mar Qtr 1889-Milton Park,Northamptonshire,England) 2. Andrew Louis Robert Butson (b.Mar Qtr 1860-South Kensington,Middlesex,England) 2. Walter Henry Wallis Butson (b.Jun Qtr 1862-Kensington,London,Middlesex,England) 2. Allan Ernest Butson (c.13 Nov 1864-Great Bookham,Surrey,England) 2. Florence Edith May Butson (c.26 Aug 1866-Great Bookham,Surrey,England) sp: Edward Ellis Watson (b.1865-West Bromwich,Staffordshire,England;m.Jun 1889) 3. Stanley Edward A. Watson (b.Mar Qtr 1890-Acton,Middlesex,England) 3. Henry Austyn Watson (b.1893-Ealing,Middlesex,England) 3. Doris Ethel E. Watson (b.1895-Ealing,Middlesex,England) 3. Leonard Ellis A. Watson (b.1897-Ealing,Middlesex,England) 3. Norman Watson (b.1898-Ealing,Middlesex,England) 3. Kenneth Hugh Watson (b.1900-Ealing,Middlesex,England) 2. Ethel Emma Minnie Louise Butson (c.25 May 1873-All Souls,Saint Marylebone,London,Middlesex, England)

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